Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally "home"

After a long week (which seemed like a dream, I was so tired!!) with the Moffits at their mission house in Manila, we finally arrived yesterday afternoon to their house here in Lapok, Mindanao! I will try to be faithful to update on here at least once a week, you can always email me though as I tend to be more faithful with that than with keeping up a blog. My email address is I'm going to try to get some pictures uploaded sometime this week of bits and pieces from my trip, however I'm having some technical difficulties uploading them at the moment so it may be still be a long time in coming. Thank you so much everyone who has prayed or supported me in some way, it was a very long trip (31 hours in plane and 15 hours waiting around in airports/hotel) and I could never have made it all the way here without your prayers, so thanks again.