Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Manila Highlights

Since we've spent the last (almost) 2 months living here in Manila, I've decided to show pictures of some of the things we've done since being here. Some of the things not pictured are the things we did the most of: mall trips, fun times in the guest house and shopping.

Every day we would do school, switching things around doing school in different places because it started to become very monotonous in such a small room.

Every afternoon we would do a study on something about Manila. We learned about the Quiapo church, the "Smoky Mountain", the American cemetery, Intramuros etc...

Playing cards after school

Escaping the Manila heat by going swimming!! (Aren't they adorable!?!?)

Moffits and the Merritts

Waiting for taxis - Trying to look like they are enjoying it? Or just squinting because of the sun?

... Neo too

The girls at the Quiapo church (This picture is technically illegal, I should sell it and make some serious $$)


Waiting for a taxi outside Quiapo.

Manila traffic. Insanity

After almost 2 months of Manila we realized we still haven't ridden the train!! So we decided one day to ride it to the mall instead of taxiing. (Funny story behind this picture)

Shortly after taking this picture I lost my balance (you need both hands to take a picture with my camera) and fell into a pole with my head. But I would say it was definitely worth it =)

Neo, Josh and Matt Damon ;)

Belinda and Matt Damon's wife!!

The girlies finally got a seat near towards the end of our ride.

Chilling at starbucks in the mall where Neo would run from person to person begging for their coffees.

Those west-coast boys...

How can you resist sharing your coffee with a boy who makes this face at you? (.....You can't!)

This makes me laugh every time!!

The ghetto carousel in Trinoma

Even Neo was bored!

High-school Musical Bowling - birthday party at Megamall

Notice the bowling alley's smallest shoe size?

Father's Day family picture on the playground

Ally girl at the restaurant

The whole gang at "Cookbook" for Josh's father's day lunch.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last week, Belinda asked me what I wanted to do for my 18th birthday. And I've never really been a big birthday party person. So I just responded with, "You know, I don't really care. You decide!" (Mostly since I loathe making decisions and I'm not picky) I honestly don't care. I'd be happy with seriously, anything we do!

So a couple of days ago, Belinda comes in with a sheet of paper with 3 options for my birthday. She told me I had to pick one ... Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

It says:
1. FUN! Birthday. Dinner at T.G.I. Fridays and bowling at Mall of Asia
2. Gourmet Birthday. Dinner at Cafe Ysabel and Top Chef and snacks at guest house.
3. Shopping Birthday. Dinner at Chili's and shopping at Greenhills

Oh, the stress of turning eighteen. Making decisions!! AGH.

"Ohhhhhh I don't know!!!!!"

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo ... Ok fine, #2 it is!

The birthday present opening and photo shoot with Daisy and Ally.

7-year-olds can take pictures!
-A BEAUTIFUL perfume Belinda bought me for my birthday! --Very Irresistable by Givenchy
Ally was making us laugh!! (And don't you just love my style?)

Cute =)

"Caw, caw!!"

"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters"

The dinner behind curtain number 2, Cafe Ysabela. Such a lovely fancy meal out with the girls, Belinda, Aunty Lyn, Brianna, Daisy, Ally and Me.

Bri, Me and Aunty Lyn.


The beautiful Moffit girls! =)

My dinner. YUM!

A wanna-be artsy.

Aunty Lyn and Belinda.

Bri and her mango shake. "Brain freeze!!!"

So while Bri and I were eating our dinner, we noticed a girl dressed super fancy go into the restroom. While we wondered out loud why she was dressed so nice, Bri mentioned it was probably her 18th, since that's super big to celebrate here. So after our dinner, we went outside to leave and we saw her standing by the door in front of a sign that said "_____'s 18th birthday party June 4th, 7 pm" So we got to talking, and we realize that we both turned 18 on June 4th. We are twins!! YAY! I've been searching for my twin for so long. I always knew she existed. We're together at last. =)
After I got home tonight, I told my mom about my encounter with my twin. She made me laugh so hard I cried.... She said, "Oh hunny, I'm so sorry. I didn't want you have to find out this way. There's something your dad and I have been wanting to tell you"

I have a beautiful short Filipina twin!? How exactly does this work, mom?

Anyway, so I had a beautiful 18th birthday!! I couldn't have had a better day, thank you Belinda! Love you!!!