Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break

This post is dedicated to Bruce (Belinda's dad who came to visit for a week in April, AKA "Papa"). Who through his constant blogging during his entire visit and having talked to my mother took on himself the responsibility of being an inspiration to make me update the blog. I couldn't very well do it while he was still here, else he take all the credit. Enjoy!! =)

So kicking off my "Spring break", I got to spend 4 days with the Roan family while the Moffits were in Davao with the girls for their Stanford Achievement Tests. Above shows the Roan kids hanging out at the creek one day, L-R: Luke, Sophia, Katie and Jemma.

The rest of the break while Bruce was here was just spent relaxing, talking and chilling with the kids. Here is Neo and me one day hanging out (or as Neo says: "nuggling") in my room.

On Saturday, our second to last day of break, the teenagers invited me to go on a hike with them to go see the waterfalls on the "small" mountain in front of Moffit's house. I said sure, although I feel quite dumb for doing so. It was very tough on the lungs, but the view was totally worth it! Here shows the house from half way up the mountain.

This is IT!?!?!? This is the waterfall my lungs nearly exploded to come and see? It was still worth it though. Picnic lunch and singing songs in the middle of a jungle is still fun, no matter how hard it was to get there.

Like father, like son =)

Beautiful Aybie-girl remained totally clean the entire day. I had to scrub for over 20 minutes back at home until I got the dirt off of me, or at least until I felt clean.

Playing music

Yummy lunch.


VERY dense jungle!

Cousins from out of town came in for the week

Beautiful people!

This is the entire group that went (minus me, who took the picture) with home in the background. Overall, it was a pretty fun day and a perfect way to finish off a good much needed relaxing week!! =)