Friday, September 11, 2009

Living it up

A week ago today (11-09-09) I arrived in Simi Valley, CA. So much has happened since then, I can't even believe it has been such a short time since I arrived.

  • I bought myself a bed.
  • I went grocery shopping (for myself only!!! who knew I was old/mature enough for this!?!?)
  • I PASSED my written driving test today. WOOHHOOOOO!!!
  • I got a job at my aunt's restaurant, the Junkyard Cafe, and I start work in 11 hours from right now. Only for 12 hours a week though. If anyone has a job Monday-Thursday, that would be wondermous for me.
  • I ordered my brother and me a cell phone service, and 2 free phones come with it. I'll come in the mail early next week.
  • I attended 3 different classes at EBC. But will only continue with one for this semester, a 4 hour Life of Christ class every Thursday from 6-10 pm.
  • I've tasted the rhino. Here.
  • I've bonded with my 3 roommates and the 2 neighbor guy apartments.
  • I attended Cornerstone Church for the 2nd time ever.
  • And most importantly.... I made friends. Thank you, Jesus!!

I just wanted to write everyone to let you know that I'm so thankful for your prayers, love, and support. This week went extremely smoothly for being "on my own" for the first time ever. I WILL be doing a picture update, someday soon!! I actually haven't even brought out my camera here yet, but I promise to do that sometime! =) God has been so good to me and I'm so thankful He's put me where I am at the moment, I'm loving it here!!

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  1. Congratulations on the driving test and all your other accomplishments. I totally do not get the rhino thing, but that's okay. Just wanted you to know I'm reading your blog and that I'm praying for you!!! May God provide abundantly all you need. I'm proud of you.