Monday, November 23, 2009


First of all no, that is not a typo. Monday is in fact our roomie date day. Today I spent with Hali (pronounced Hailey, not Hally) accomplishing great things. For real though, we conquer the world every Monday. It's quite impressive.

This particular Monday was spent at the park with picnic food and Owl City.

Subs from Simi Sub and chocolate coated marshmallows from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Proof of my mad skills at using timers. Forgot to focus on US, because it is always about us. Always.

More proof... I forgot to press the timer button before I clicked shoot.

Gwappi and Lolly--Our troll names for eachother.

I love my Gwappi.

Counting Crows..... or chasing them =)

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