Saturday, May 30, 2009

Manila Fun

One good thing about living in Manila is that there are so many photo opportunities. One afternoon after teaching school I went out on the playground and ran around with the MKs on the playground, taking pictures of them in the Manila heat and filth. The result. Some great shots.

This is the way the gentleman rides "parum, parum parum"

This one came up, tugged on my shirt and asked me to take a picture of just her.
Can anyone say, plastic smile?

This one admitted to me that she didn't like to have her picture taken, so I asked if I could take one of her and she didn't have to smile. She quickly agreed.

Three future hotties, boys!

She's my favorite. Love the hair. Love the panties showing in every picture. Love the scab under her nose. Love the black smudge on her forehead. Adorable.

"Uh-oh. It brote"

So cute =)

My favorite Mr. drool baby. This shot was taken in a very dangerous spot, right underneath the mouth of this baby.

So Manila really isn't that bad. Once you get past the humidity and the filth, you can start having fun.