Friday, May 1, 2009

My Definitions of Cute.

I find myself (yet again!!!!) dedicating another post on this blog to a member of Belinda's very demanding and forceful family. Bethany (Belinda's sister) had previously mentioned how much she would appreciate me uploading some of my facebook pictures onto my blog. I, however, didn't pay her much attention. BIG mistake.

Firstly, it was because I had just (and I really do mean just) updated my blog in her dad's honor earlier that day. Secondly, picture uploads on my blog take years of my life.. and much stress, counseling, and contemplation of suicide from entire erase-als and re-doals of all my hard work. And thirdly, I don't really even like updating my blog... it's like that dreaded thing that I think about right before I go to sleep, preventing me from getting a full nights' sleep and it's the source of all my guilt-trips and my main failure in life. So I just brushed her comment aside and forgot about it. This morning, (12 days after her last comment) I wake up and check my blog to find that she recruited an army to forcefully remind me to put up the pictures.

So, Bethany, Leslie, Natalie, Melissa, Tammy, Karen and mom. This one's for you:

Skattitude! =)

Going for a lovely stroll in the park.....


Ally is the middle kid... same as me!

Isn't she cute?

Ally and me in a starbucks in Manila.

The Moffit kids in the park in CdO (Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao)

Daisy does not share a love for futbol like I do

Skateboarding instead... boo!

Daisy and my friend, Isabel!

Such a cutie!

Daisy, Neo and Britnay

Watching his sisters have all the fun

Tormenting the chickens!

He's really not the easiest boy to photograph!


Unless he's getting tickled of course...

Waiting for the tickles!!

....beautiful girls!

We are sooooo cute!

The cute family on St. Pattie's Day!


  1. Those ARE cute pictures! Thanks for caving into the pressure of manipulative people.

  2. Woo hoo!! My carefully planned strategy worked!!

  3. Adorable. Bethany was right you are a great photographer. You have great subjects too. Thanks for posting.

  4. Bethany was right, those are some stinkin cute kids.


  5. Thanks, Hannah Marue. You even posted some new ones I don't remember from Facebook.

    Wow, do you think our family would ever inspire someone else's blogs as much as the Moffits? Somehow I think we were never as photographed or forceful either, for that matter.

  6. Yay!!! Good job! Glad to see that you succumbed to the pressure! lol


  7. I am glad Bethany is so forceful! (love you Bethany)

    Those are fabulous pictures.