Monday, May 25, 2009


Living in Manila these last couple weeks has been a real eye opener to me. I have never seen so much poverty up close and personal without actually going; me, physically, intentionally driving to the sections of town known as the "poor parts". I step outside the gate here, and poverty is directly in front of my face. My heart literally breaks seeing these conditions in which so many thousands of people here live and die.

So I took the time to look up some pictures online of Manila poverty just to show you how bad it is. Words can't even describe some of the living situations here. Pictures were found on
this blog.

What prospect does this girl even have?

Shanty town built right next to the railroad tracks.

(Click to enlarge each picture)

So I'm still praying about my future. My plan is, after coming back from these 7 months in the Philippines, to go to bible college in Simi Valley, Cali. Then after that, hopefully to go to nursing school in hopes of going overseas to love people and in hopes that people will see Jesus when they look me. How amazing would that be!? So my prayer is that I won't settle for anything less radical than that.

Here are two books that have changed my life, that I would recommend to anybody to read:

Same Kind of Different As Me. Available -- here.


Crazy Love. Available -- here.


  1. I think it's cool how the Lord puts different ministries on each person's heart. Praying that your life is radical. :)

  2. The world can use another radical Loker. You go for it!

    Your photos really capture the scenes, Hannah. That's another gift - your way of seeing things.

  3. I took Ms. Hannah's advice and read both those books, and I too was inspired. Crazy Love inspired me to glorify God in a way only Belinda Moffit can. And Same Kind Of Different As Me inspired me to look at people the way God does.

  4. Actually mom, I stole those off another person's blog. Because I actually haven't been over on that side of town yet. I'm a picture stealer.